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Should You Get a Puppy?

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Puppies hold a special place in our hearts. They’re cute, innocent fluffiness is more than enough to win over even the most hardened individuals. If you have become smitten with the thought of bringing home a little bundle of fur, but are still on the fence, we want to help.

We have put together the top 5 pros and cons to help you decide if getting a Fido for the family is the right decision.


Besides being cute and adorable, here are five more reasons to get a puppy if you (or your partner) aren’t quite convinced:

  1. Less stress – The affection given by dogs has been shown to reduce blood pressure and are commonly seen comforting children, seniors, and military veterans.
  2. Feel better – When interacting with your dog, your body releases the hormone serotonin, which is responsible for making us feel happy.
  3. Stay active – Dogs need exercise and when you participate with them, you too will benefit from the activity both mentally and physically.
  4. Live longer – Studies show people who own dogs are more likely to live one year longer than those who do not own a dog.
  5. Make friends – Owning a dog will get you out and about. Between daily walks, grooming visits, and the vet, pups are a natural way to break the ice with others.


Before you run down to the shelter on a whim, take the time to research the breeds that may fit best for you and your family, along with the following considerations:

  1. Not home – Dogs require a lot of attention. If you work long days or travel often, you may not be able to give all the love your new puppy needs and deserves.
  2. You move – Jobs requiring you to move from city to city can be a strain on your dog. Residences may restrict breed types and size, outdoor activity may be limited, and you will be changing veterinarians with every move. 
  3. Tight budget – The cost of owning a dog is often overlooked. Considering the cost of food, flea medicine, toys, and regular (and emergency) veterinarian trips, owning a dog will make a dent in your monthly budget.
  4. Little patience – Puppies don’t come with instructions. You will need time and patience to properly train your dog so both of you can enjoy a happy life together.
  5. Dog as a present – Many of the dogs you find at the shelter are those that were given as a gift to someone. Never give a dog as a gift unless the receiving party is well prepared and ready to take on the responsibility.

If you are ready to take the plunge with a new puppy, make sure your home is ready ahead of time. Prepare a sleeping area, eating station, and a runner (potty area) for him. And then enjoy the love and affection of man’s best friend!

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